Tutoring Location and Cost


Although most of my personalized tutoring work takes place over email or via GoogleDocs, I like to have at least one initial meeting in person or by videoconference. Some students like to continue to meet regularly throughout the process. That is fine by me, too. Whatever works!

  • Brooklyn: Meetings take place at my home in Park Slope or in one of the meeting rooms of the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza.
  • Manhattan: I meet students near NYU classroom buildings at Bryant Park and Union Square.
  • Rhinebeck: Meetings are held at my home near Rhinebeck, at students’ homes in the area, or at a public library or quiet café in between.
  • Common App essay: I charge a flat fee to tutor students on their Common App essays. The fee covers all of my work, both in person and via email or Skype, from helping brainstorm ideas to proofreading the final draft. My summer flat fee (for all essays begun before Labor Day weekend) is 20 percent lower than my flat fee in the fall.
  • Supplemental essays and other essays: Tutoring on supplemental essays or essays for schools that do not take the Common App are $1 a word. That is, supplements with a limit of 50 words are $50, supplements with a 250-word limit are $250, and so on. This also includes final proofreading. For students who want help on a multitude of supplements, I provide a discounted flat fee based on the length of the essays and the extent to which the same material may be used to answer several questions.
  • All other application tutoring or assistance: I charge by the hour to tutor students on supplemental essays and/or essays for schools that do not take the Common Application. Students who work with me on their Common App essays get a discounted hourly rate on additional tutoring.
  • Quick edit / response:  I provide targeted feedback on completed essays, as well as editing and proofreading services, at my hourly rate (one-hour minimum).

Note: I offer a sliding scale for low-income families and others in special circumstances.

About Videoconferencing

I was skeptical when I was first asked to tutor by Skype a few years ago. I didn’t think I could get to know students students virtually as well I do in person. Then I began doing language assessments of incoming international students at NYU. Over the course of a few months, I spoke with dozens of students from all over the globe. At first, I was distracted by technical glitches, bad lighting, and poor connections, but then, as these problems dissipated, I began to love the fact that I was talking through a computer across many time zones to these students in Internet cafes or dorm rooms or offices. It was amazing to think about and really fun to do. In short, provided the technology works, videoconferencing works! (But you probably knew that already…)

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